About us


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A startup community created by founders for everyone who wants to put ideas into action and scale.

Our core activities are

Creation of spaces

Creation of spaces
for the exchange
of ideas incentivising innovations

Organizing events

Organizing events that impart essential knowledge and relevant skills for startups

Providing feedback

Providing feedback
for ideas and
networking with stakeholders, partners

As a community, we want to make a contribution to a functioning startup ecosystem. We understand a startup community is a space in which people from different backgrounds, professions, expertise, natures etc. come together to develop ideas together regardless of social position and to successfully place an innovation on the market. 

We also take on the role of moderator, with the aim of bringing together different actors in the startup ecosystem and facilitating the exchange of expertise, ideas and funding. In this way, feedback loops can be established, which accelerate the vital steps of startups. In this respect, a startup ecosystem is a form of risk “management” that is adapted to the needs of startups. 

With its solution, the GründerVirus eV relies on the synthesis of the many years of experience of successful founders and proven concepts with which startup ecosystems have been demonstrably created so that we can grow together.

Our Team

Serghei Glinca

Chief Optimist Officer

Silvester Gsell

Chief Cashflow Officer

Anne Kruggel

Chief Design Officer